Getting pre-approved is easier than you think!

**Take advantage of the now available $500 first-time home buyer program!  Just note you’d like this option in DOWN PAYMENT OPTIONS the form below.

Before you run out and start looking for a home all excited to buy your dream home, step one is to get pre-approved with a local lender.  By getting pre-approved, you will know;

  1. Exactly what price range you should be shopping in!  I’ve seen many buyers fall in love with a home, just to find it is just outside their price range.  Once you fall in love with a home, then find yourself having to find a home in the next lower price range, it can be harder to fall in love with a home.
  2. What your monthly payment will be!  Many times we help renters stop renting and buy their own home with a payment LESS than what they pay in rent!  Imagine that… you can stop paying your landlord and start building wealth by investing in your own home.
  3. How much will you need for a downpayment!  It’s a common myth that you will need 20% as a downpayment to buy your own home.  Depending on the loan you qualify for, a common first-time home buyer loan only requires 3.5%, and there are a few loans that can even get you in a home for NO MONEY DOWN!  Do you qualify for one of these loans?

We meet buyers everyday who don’t think they can qualify for a loan to buy a home, and surprisingly with a 10 minute phone call, they have a pre-approval letter in their hands and within 30 days, they are in their a new home!

Ready to see if you qualify to buy a home?