3 reasons selling your home in the winter make sense!

January 16, 2020

Should you wait for spring or summer to sell your home?  While there may be more buyers looking for homes in the warmer weather, and your landscaping and foliage are at the top of their game, there are actually some great reasons to go ahead and sell now.

Take a look at these three ways selling in the winter months can work in your favor:

Less Competition

There’s typically lower housing inventory in winter.  Supply and demand work for you better when there is less competition. When there are a ton of properties for sale, even a great home can look common.  When there are fewer options on the market and a listing is in good condition, it suddenly gains an edge it may not have in the summer.

Buyers Are More Serious

The summer months common bring out looky-lous.  People that visit open house and look at homes simply to occupy their time and that may buy if they happen upon the perfect home.  People who are out looking and buying at homes during the winter months, possibly even trekking in the cold and the snow to see homes are often more serious and motivated to make a move — and do it quickly.  Typically they’ve had a career or lifestyle change and they typically need a new home now.

Stress-Free Summers 

What would you rather do?  Spend all summer packing and planning a move, or enjoy the summer months with outdoor activities and spending more time with your family? Maybe you can make plans to have your summer free for travel and relaxation. When your move has already been completed during winter or in early spring, it’ll be smooth sailing for summertime fun and adventures.

Are you ready to sell?  Get in touch today and find out how you can take advantage of today’s market and a review your home’s current value. It’d be my pleasure to assist you!