4 Reasons to sell your home this fall

September 23, 2019

Buyer demand is strong

Buyers are looking for their dream homes and still competing for the best homes!  In August 2019, the average day on the market in the Topeka area was still 29 days with 38.2% of the homes sold in 10 days or less!

Less competition

The inventory of good homes is still lacking.  There just are not enough homes for sale to match buyers who are ready to buy with.  This is great news for home sellers because there are buyers who have seen all the homes currently for sale and are just waiting for our home to come on the market!

It’s a great time to move up

Industry experts say that home values are projected to increase over 5% over the next year.  If you are moving up to a more expensive home, 12 months from now a new home will cost you more in both your down payment and your monthly payment for the same home!

It’s the prefect time to make a change for you

Perhaps you have a new baby on the way or planning for one, you are getting a job promotion, or your stuff is simply outgrowing your current home.  Start living the life you desire and jump now to get the home of your dreams.

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